Saturday, November 28, 2015

A Brand-New American Moped in Kit Form from 1977 Mopeds

There hasn't been a real, traditional, moped on the market in the US for a good many years, thanks to emission regulations, changing customer tastes, and container loads of cheap 50cc scooters.  Of course creative moped builders have been restoring old bikes with new engines, wheels, lights, seats, and even frames from specialist companies, so it was only logical that they'd make the jump to selling complete kits, and that's just what 1977 Mopeds has done.

They've built up a rolling chassis using a frame from local maker Indigan and packaged it with a brand new motor, and are selling the whole package for just $1849.00. That's about what a cheap Chinese scooter will run you, but the quality of this package is far higher.  I'm kind of tempted to buy one myself. It's technically a kit, but the skills needed to install the motor certainly aren't beyond those of your typical classic moped owner. If you like the classic mopeds of the 1960s and 70s, this is an opportunity to buy a brand new moped with the style, function, and quality of the best Italian mopeds of the era but in a brand new package.

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