Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Suzuki PV 50cc

The 50cc Suzuki PV was Suzuki's attempt to clone the very successful Honda "Monkey" bike, officially known as the Z-series. The Z-bikes were (and are) four strokes, of course, and the  PV was a two stroke, but they're rough comparable in size and power. The PV was introduced in 1979 and a great many were made, though I don't think any were officially imported into the US.

Today there are a ton of Chinese made clones of the Honda available, and I think the Honda itself continues to be marketed at home,  but the PV has been gone from the European markets since 2000, as it couldn't meet EU pollution standards. But a lot were sold before then, and it still has a big following- for instance, this Finnish PV fan site. Thanks to Google Translate you can learn how one father and son team is restoring their PV to Concours d'Elegance condition.

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