Sunday, August 24, 2014

Mystery Moped

I spotted the interesting moped in Ann Arbor yesterday. It didn't look like any moped I'd ever seen before; in fact, it looked very new, especially with that big disc brake up front.  But who makes traditionally styled mopeds today? 

I couldn't find a manufacturers plate or decal on it in the time I had. I thought it might be a Tomos, but I haven't seen any Tomos mopeds that look quite like this. Someone out there probably knows what it is.


Andy said...

Probably a Chinese bike.

The motor is a Honda clone, most commonly manufactured by LIFAN.

They run anywhere from 70-150cc.

Beale Dabbs said...

It's a SSR Lazer 5 Chinese moped, made by Bashan. Looks sot of like a cross between a Puch and a Honda Cub with a Honda clone horizontal motor. They're almost unridable stock with a 50cc dual range gearbox. Toss out the motor and swap in a bigger displacement and 4 speed with a semi auto and they get pretty fun. Mine has had a 90cc for the past two years but I'm installing a 125cc very soon. The brakes are actually quite good but the frame construction is really poor. I keep welding my up.

Anonymous said...

It's actually the Roketa MC-114. The SSR has pedals, the roketa does not. It's got a 4-speed auto clutch, seconded on the frame construction.

kd said...

this is a Poch moped they were made in Austria... there were tons of them rolling around Germany in the 90s . dont see many now a days.. you can still find one in the locals every now and then..

Boo Long said...

It's not a Puch KD.. It's a Chinese moped with Honda Cub OHC clone engine.