Wednesday, March 16, 2011

1960 Sears Allstate Mo-Ped

This gorgeous little bike is from the 1960 Sears catalog, and I think it may be the very first moped sold by Sears. Made by Puch, so it has an indestructible engine.

The price seems cheap, but it translates to about $1300 in 2011 dollars. Actually I suppose that is pretty cheap. Just try and find a quality moped- let alone an Austrian-made one- today for that little!


Greg Fry said...

I learned to ride on a 1960 moped with my dad riding on the luggage rack. It is almost identical (all red, no cream color). I recently found it in my dad's garage, a little worse for wear as I used it as a dirt bike. I spent a couple of hours cleaning it and thought, what the heck, put gas in it and it started right up. It does have a blown head gasket that I'm trying to find a replacement for. Very cool

michael edelman said...

Try for that gasket.