Friday, February 11, 2011

Vespa LX-50 sale

Vespa is currently running a sale on all models, including a $400 off deal on the LX-50. At $3,299 the LX-50 is one of the most expensive mopeds on the market,  so this should come as good news to Vespa fanciers who've been saving up toward an LX-50. I've never driven an LX-50 myself (I've driven some larger Vespas) but I've never met an LX-50 owner who was displeased with their 'ped.

There are other high quality mopeds available from Honda, Yamaha, Piaggio (Vespa's parent) and Kymco but what distinguishes the Vespas is their styling. They're gorgeous, and they define what a scooter should look like. My Yamaha C3 was a super reliable 'ped, but face it, it looks like it should be delivering Good Humor ice cream. Even my Vespa-wannabe Yamaha Vino doesn't quite manage to pull off that beautiful Italian styling. There's only one Vespa.

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