Friday, February 11, 2011

Compressed Air Powered Moped

I was searching the web for some Puch information when I came across this intriguing photo at one of those sites that exists solely as a place to put ads. There wasn't any useful info there, but there was this fascinating photo. It's a classic (70s?) Puch frame, with stock wheels, seat and handlebars, but that's where the similarity ends.

First of all there are those huge tanks hanging off either side. Since that much gasoline would let a 50cc Puch go coast to coast without refueling, I'm guessing that hold either LPG, or more likely, compressed air. Zooming in, I can see what look like air pressure regulators of the sort found on low pressure compressors on the tank, as well as what look like quick-connect fittings. In place of the usual engine is what could be a pair of industrial air motors linked together.


I found a link with the rest of the details:

It was created for a U.K. National Geographic special by Jem Stansfield, and can go 7 miles at 18mph. If you had a compressor at home, and one at work, I suppose this could almost be practical.

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