Friday, July 2, 2010

Derbi GPR 50

Derbi is back, their web site tells us, with a large selection of bikes, including 15 different 50cc bikes! The most striking one is the GPR 50, which is intended for the European moped market. It looks fast, but the guys at Team Calamari say it's a "slug." No surprise there, as it's intentionally speed limited for its intended market. But they also say it's pretty easy to turn it into the rocket it wants to be. Just removing the exhaust restrictor restores a lot of power. The next stage involves replacing the 14mm Mikuni carb with a 24mm flat slide unit. Adjust jets, put in a temperature gauge, and you've got, in the words of Team Calamari, "the best watercooled 50cc race bike on the market today."

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