Friday, March 19, 2010

Custom Built Moped

Found at at The Kneeslider. There, they say it's not a moped, as it doesn't have pedals... but you be the judge.  Kneeslider thinks it's built on a BMX  frame, with a  liquid cooled Polini engine and CVT transmission. A reader from France says no, that's a Motob√©cane 51v model wheels and fork on a cut down Peugot 103 frame. Whatever it is, it's pretty sharp.

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naz said...

Hi, I just found this actually. The person from France is right. It has Motobecane wheels on it and is Peugeot 103 frame cut-up with 50% of the frame replaced with chromoly tubing. That bike should be getting a major face lift over the winter to hopefully bring it more inline with the local racing rules for pnwsra. Oh and yes it's still under 50cc's.