Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The 60mph Puch Moped Project

I just found this great project blog at http://50cc60mph.blogspot.com/. Builder Harold Smith started with a stock Puch Magnum and a plan to build a totally custom bike with the following specs:

  • MKII Magnum Frame
  • EBR Magnum length forks
  • Black and chrome 300mm shocks
  • Magnum LTD headlight fairing
  • Completely custom seat with PVC seatpan
  • 1981 Supermaxi motor with roller crank
  • 50cc reedvalve athena kit with 4 petal intake
  • 19mm phbg dellorto carb
  • HPI 2003 race ignition 
  • Jolly Moto hand made race exhaust 

Check out his blog for further project developments.

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