Friday, January 8, 2010

Honda Ruckus- L.A. Style

Check out this this sharp looking custom stretch Ruckus at Super Street Online. They have photos of other custom Ruckuses, and customized parts and assemblies, too. Quoting from the site:
With two wheels, a spirited 49cc engine (pushing a paltry 180 lbs. of total weight), an infinite number of possible customizations and a low sticker price that could fit within most student credit card limits, the Ruckus is to choppers what the Civic was to hot rods.
I came very close to buying a Ruckus myself, until I discovered that the handlebars hit my knees! If you've run up against the same problem, I've found that several suppliers offer a handlebar riser.


Terry said...

Anyone know where I can purchase a stem extension for the OEM Ruckus handlebars that just lift them up a few inches so they don't hit my knees?

michael edelman said...

Battlescooter has them: