Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Honda Hobbit

Certainly one of the most embarrassing moped ad campaigns ever, but underneath the tacky name was a solid bike, Honda's answer to the great moped surge of the late 1970s. The engine was one of Honda's very few 2-stroke units, and required 32:1 premix- rare for Honda but very common in the moped world. Two versions were available: An unregulated 30mph model, sold in Europe and parts of the US, and a 20mph speed regulated model sold in most of the US. Parts are a bit hard to find for these 'peds, especially engine and carb parts, as this was a pretty unique buike in Honda's range.

UPDATE: Fred David writes to tell me that the Hobbit was known as the Camino in Europe. He says that while stock performance wasn't very impressive, a number of Italian tuning parts could be used to squeeze more out of the engine.


Anonymous said...

parts for hobbits aren't uncommon at all- in fact, they're plentiful.

Los Angeles Honda said...
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Eddie Wright said...

This has brought back a lot of memories for me. My dad had a Honda Camino when I was little. Judging by the picture supplied it looked the same as the Hobbit.
As far as advetising goes, I think it is a little odd to choose a 'Hobbit' as a name, but I guess it makes sense; small, tenacious and judging by my dad's model, lasts for ages!
Thanks for the trip down memory lane

Simon said...

In Belgium this was a very popular moped known asd the Honda Camino. Still today you can buy various tuning parts for this moped ... 50Mph isn't even that hard to do. Get yourself a Proma exhaust and a cylinder with 46mm barrel (DR, Eurocilindro, Malossi, Polini, Metrakit, ... ) and you will be amazed.

Anonymous said...

I have a Honda Hobbit and I was wondering if it is alright to switch the shock absobers. I've seen pictures of hobbits with unique shocks. And I was wondering if someone can point me to the right direction.
Email if necessary