Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Rare Bird: The Puch Tri-Rad

(photo from

The Puch Tri-Rad is probably the rarest of all Puch Mopeds, at least here in the US. It wasn't a stock Puch model, but rather a custom conversion made by the Specialty Moped Company in California, and sold as a small, cheap shopping, delivery or vending (i.e., ice cream) vehicle. The roof was a standard option, as was a rear basket and an insulated ice cream box. One source claimed that the Tri-Rad had a differential, but looking at photos it's pretty clear that it had one driven wheel and one left to freewheel. (You can't use a solid rear axle, as the 'ped would tend to hop and skid in turns as the wheels followed arcs of different length.)

This photo was found on eBay- sorry, it's been sold.

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slprlsc said...

i have one with an e50 pullstart and love it and it has a diff on it