Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Brief History of Motobecane Mopeds: Part 2

Continuing our Motobecane history (photos and info courtesy of Fred David):

We're now up to 1978, and with the end of the post-war shortages and rebuilding, adults have moved on to cars (and motorcycles), and Motobecane begins concentrating on the youth market. The above has a pressed-steel fram not all that different from earlier 'peds, but the motorcycle style compression fork is back, and the engine has been improved, with a new intake port geometry. This new engine will be the basis of many race engines that follow.

The 70s also saw the beginning of serious factory involvement in racing. Below, a full race bike that share the same chassis with the 51V, above, but with some major changes: Racing seat and tail fairing, clip-on style handlebars, cast alloy wheels, and of course no pedals.

Next: More race developments.

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