Sunday, July 26, 2009

Puch Magnum Limited

Two in a row from the nice people at 1977 Mopeds. This may look like a run of the mill Puch Magnum, but it's actually the Puch Magnum Limited, one of only 500 made, and maybe the only one left in this condition. TheMK-II Limited featured a two speed transmission, oil injection (!), special mag-style wheels, a hydraulic suspension, a motorcycle type dashboard, key switch ignition, turn signals, an optional tachometer, and low clip-on style handlebars. It was available only in a metallic cream color

Ordinarily a Puch of this era in mint condition would sell for around $1400-1800, with highly customized bikes getting the higher prices. 1977 Moped is asking a breathtaking $7800 for this bike. There may yet be a number of these floating around whose owners think they have just another Puch Magnum, or that have been customized far enough to be unrecognizable as Limited Edition models. Me, I'm going to take a closer look at every Puch Magnum I see from now on.

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