Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Locomotief HiFi

"Locomotive" seems like an odd name for a moped, doesn't it? So does "HiFi". But Locomotief was originally a bicycle maker, and back in the early days of bicycling, locomotives were a popular symbol of power and speed- like "rocket" was in the 1950s- and "HiFi" was a word that suggested modern, cutting edge technology back in the 1950s.

Dutch manufacturer Locomotief produced a successful line of mopeds, like this model seen at The Moped Archive. After a series of mergers, the remnants of Locomotief ended up as part of Dutch bicycle and motorcycle maker Batavus, who continue on to this day.

And since I mentioned Batavus... here's a 1978 Batavus Regency, from Wesley's Moped Collection at

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terrapin said...

im trying to get me a bat 78 regency...

love the way they look!