Monday, July 6, 2009

Les Triplettes de Bonneville!

Another exciting contribution from our French correspondent, Frederic David, who not long ago sent an update on the more recent history of Mobliette. His most recent communications had to do with a team of two-wheel mechanics with a sense of humor who go by the name of Les Triplettes de Bonneville. Fans of animation will no doubt recognize the play on that great movie, Les Triplettes de Belleville, released in North America as The Triplettes of Bellville.

These "triplettes" are a team of clever mechanics who are preparing a highly modified 49cc Mobliette to run at Bonneville during Speed Week. (They're also preparing a car- a Relient- but that is outside of the purview of this blog.) I'm not sure what class, exactly, this runs in, or why they added a sidecar- possibly to find a category that hasn't been too overrun with competition yet.

It's an exciting project, and if your French is better than mine you'll find a lot of exciting detail about past and present work on this project at the blog linked to above. (Even if you don't speak any French at all, there are plenty of good photos.)


I've just received this communique' from the Team:

I confirm we've bought home 4 World class records back in 2008,
SC-VG, SC-VF, A-VF and A-VG. SC stands for sidecar, A for Special Construction,
VG for Vintage (pre-1956) Gas, and VF for Vintage Fuel (unlimited gas).
"Saline Contender" was built out of 2 assembled AV32 1955 frames,
along with an Oct 55 AV7 engine. We've transported the whole sidecar dismantled in our luggage, then we re-assembled it on the Salt (3 hours job) to successfully pass the Tech inspection.

Racing at Bonneville was a real pleasure for us, and we are now back with 3 racers. We've been the first French team to se ta record at Bonneville since 1956, when the Renault team set 4 (!!...) records with l'Etoile Filante.

We've had a photo session at the Renault Heritage dept, with both our Reliant and the famous Renault turbine car, at the wheel of which we've put the famous French illustrator Denis Sire

See the pics at

Saline Contender, our Moped, will now compete in APS-VG. PS stands for Parial Streamlining, since we will rave in the 2008 solo version, but with the front fairing. This should allow us to set a 5th World record !!

Then we will race Saline Warrior, our 750 GSX-R powered Reliant, a purpose built Competition Coupe, that has been lowered, lengthened and chopped, with an additional complete tubular frame.

The 3rd racer is Saline Pepper. This 1936 100cc Monet-Goyon was lent to us by a member of the Monet-Goyon French club, in order to bring it to him with a trophy !!...

Follow our 2009 project on

I'll be watching very closely.

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