Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Vintage Moped Land Speed Records?

We've seen a few land speed record 50cc bikes here, but this is the first time we've featured a stock 50cc moped that's been run at Bonneville. An author posting under the name "DelSolid" at two years ago reported that running under the classification of 50cc, 1955 and older, stock appearing, including pedals, his team set a record under the Vintage Production, Vintage engine category, as follows:

  • Bike 5291B Run #1 36.823 MPH
  • Bike 5291B Run #2 30.144 MPH (problem)
  • Average of both flying miles is 33.483 MPH.
I get dizzy just imaging those speeds- at least, on a 54 year old moped! ;-) The author of the post notes that the fastest 50cc production vintage motorcycle ever to be timed on the salt flats (4,400 ft altitude) is a 1955 Express Radexi moped, which clocked in at 41MPH.

The bike was also run in various modified categories. By removing the seat and padding the step-through are for a lower driver position and less drag, the team was able to squeeze out a few more MPH.

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