Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dougie Nassif's Street Legal 2004 Honda Dream 50R

Just received these photos from Dougie Nassif of his street legal Honda 50R conversion. When I wrote this bike up, I said that it wasn't street legal, and as a race bike it was a bit outdated, so I guessed most people bought them for display and collecting. I hadn't counted on the creativity of people like Dougie.

Dougie's added the biggest headlight I've ever seen on a 50c bike, as well as all the other required lighting- turn signals, and (I assume) brake lights. If this were a car, getting it licensed for the street would be a bit more difficult. But for a bike, at least in Michigan, all you need is an inspection. I'm guessing that's the case for Dougie's locality as well.

At any rate, great bike, great conversion, and thanks for sharing it.

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Viva said...

Why didn't he just buy/import a regular Honda Dream 50 with all lighting and road legalities fitted...