Tuesday, April 7, 2009


The saga of Revopower begins in 1997, when Steve Katsaros began working on a new design for bicycle wheel with a motor built in. Wheels with built in motors were not a new idea; such designs go back to the early 20th Century. One of Honda's first products was a bicycle motor contained within the rear wheel of a bicycle. What was unique about Katsaro's idea was that he put the motor in the front wheel. This meant that any bike could be converted to a motorized vehicle and back again by simply swapping wheels.

By 2002 Katsaros had published his patent, and by 2003 he had a business partner and had formed RevoPower, Inc. Production was scheduled to begin in 2006, and numerous deposits were accepted for the inital product, a 26" wheel with a 25cc, 1HP gasoline engine. Other sizes were promised for the future, along with version powered by diesel, alcohol, and even a hybrid version. Then delivery was pushed back to 2007, then 2008, and early buyers started asking for their deposits back.

As of this writing, RevoPower, Inc. appears to be defunct. Their web site is gone, and their phones have reportedly been shut off. Perhaps the design may yet be launched again.


Pace said...

I have been waiting for years for this brilliant idea to be available. I guess now it seems to have been another "Ponzi" scheme, perhaps the Chinese will roll out with the same idea! I wonder how long it takes for a patent to be null and void?

bryan said...

What happened to Revo?? It appeared at the exact right time with gas prices going through the roof etc. Why did it fail, does anyone know what happened????

Hucky said...

I had given a deposit and it was returned to me. I figured it was because of legal proceedings that a motorized bike was not legal for all to ride on the roads or how they would be installed. I so much wanted one of these. I would love to buy one of the demo wheels. Sad to see such a good idea go away.