Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Maserati 50cc Motorcycles

I had no idea, until recently, that supercar maker Maserati also made motorcycles. The Maserati story actually begins back in the early 20th Century, prior to WWI, when Carlo Maserati began making engines to bolt onto motorcycles. But manufacture of motorcycles did not begin until 1953, when Maserati- then mainly a maker of spark plugs and other parts for cars- purchased Italmoto. More on the history of Maserati motorcycles can be found here.

The bike seen above is a restoration seen at the site of a restorer of Ducati motorcycles who has a page devoted to a variety of bikes than came his way, including the one seen above. The seat and tailpipe were fabricated by him, and so differ somewhat from the original, but it's still a gorgeous bike, isn't it?

Here's a later bike, from 1960, in even better original shape:

Designated the 50/TT/SS, it was reportedly better known by its nickname, the "Rospo" or Toad.


Ashley Shaun said...

Wao its really very beautiful motor bike. thanks for sharing it...

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Nobby said...

That's my bike, the blue one, bought it from Henri Peter of Peru.
A real beauty and rides well too.
Although it looks like a show-piece, i ride it as it was mean to be.
NSH, Vancouver