Thursday, March 12, 2009

Another Custom Puch from 1977 Mopeds

I couldn't resist posting another fantastic custom job from those clever folks at 1977 Mopeds. It's a complete scratch build, and features:

  • Powdercoated Frame
  • Rebuilt wheels
  • Recovered seat
  • Hutchinson GP1 Tires
  • Custom Cabling
  • Port Matched 64cc Polini Kit
  • Techno Boss Expansion Exhaust
  • Primo Tenderizer pedals
  • Bing 15mm Carburetor
You can see more photos here.

The asking price- $1979- might seem high, given that you can still find old Puchs in garage sales for a few hundred dollars (if you're lucky), but given the quality of Puchs, and what new mopeds of lesser quality are selling for these days- I think it's a bargain.

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