Friday, February 27, 2009

Gilera 50cc Runner - a hybrid scooter?

I chose to feature the Gilera 50cc Runner today because it illustrates a growing trend in scooters today- the hybrid bike that's not quite a motorcycle, and not quite a scooter, but something new, with features of both.

Scooters (these days, at least) have tiny wheels, automatic transmissions, and step-through, or step-in frames. Motorcycles have big wheels, manual transmissions and are ridden sitting astride, with feet on foot pegs. Scooters are for Mods, 60s retro types, and... well, girls. Motorcycles are for guys. Or so it used to be.

But today's younger riders (and some older ones) aren't necessarily locked into the old stereotypes. They like the convenience of automatic transmissions, but they like the style of motorcycles. Hence the growing number of these fusion bikes, with automatic transmissions, foot pegs, medium sized wheels, and styling that's not quite scooter... but not quite motorcycle. It has a lot of traditional scooter styling, but a lot of crotch rocket style as well. No doubt we'll see a lot more bikes like this.

More on Gilera bikes and scooters here.

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