Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A 50cc Ratbike

One of my favorite web sites is The Rat Bike Zone, a site that celebrates "rat bikes"- motorcycles that value function over form. There, you'll find a bizarre collection of everything from well maintained motorcycles that have been given the once-over with a can of black Krylon to bikes that can only be described as a loose collection of random parts flying in close formation.

You'd expect that such a site must feature a 50cc bike or two, and you'd be right. This sterling example is a Honda SS50 with a bicycle saddle in place of the original seat, numerous dents, missing bodywork, and of course the obligatory once-over with the can of black spray paint. Gotta wonder where that non-standard headlight came from as well. I'd have a rat bike of my own, except the bikes I buy are always in too good condition to treat that way. But I'm still looking.

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