Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Russian IZH 2.673 Coronet

The Izhevsk Mechanical Works produces a wide range of mechanical devices, including lathes, cannons, missiles, and the famous Kalashnikov assault rifle. They also make cars and motorcycles, and the object of this post, the Izh Cornet 50cc motorcycle.

It doesn't appear to be a particularly sophisticated motorcycle- the Izh web site states that the bike uses a 25:1 premix. That means there's no oil injection, and that the moped/motorcycle is designed for very low quality oil; most 2-stroke motors these days run on anything from 32:1 to 50:1. Claimed power is 3.7HP, with a top speed of 50mph. Weight is listed as "98"- I assume that's kilograms, which puts it on the heavy side for a 50cc bike.

Styling is unusual- sort of a chopper front end and an enduro back end. The solid brake disk is unusual looking. Everything just screams Soviet-era styling.

It's not likely to ever be imported into the US, given the simple 2-stroke design, which would never meet modern emissions standards. I don't know if any are actually sold outside of Russia, which might not be surprising given the reputation of Russian motorcycles. Still, might be a fun collectible- you'd certainly be the only one in your crowd with one.

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Tim said...

Yeah, that's a big pile of ugly, comrade.