Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Another Honda We'll Never See- the Americubra

Now this is a very original, and really striking 50cc moped- or is it a scooter? Hard to say. It has the wishbone frame of a classic scooter, and was based on the Honda Little Cub- itself a development of the classic Super Cub. The Americubra was a styling exercise built for the 1999 Tokyo Motor Show that applied classic American styling to the classic Honda platform.

The flared fenders bring back memories of 1960s Honda motorcycles, as does the trailing link front suspension- no telescoping forks here. The saddlebags scream Harley Davidson to me.

But I don't think it would appeal strongly to North Americans. Harley riders want real Harleys, and scooter riders prefer the Italo-Euro look. This is yet another example of the Japanese fascination with American culture and style, interpreted through their own particular sensibilities.

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