Wednesday, October 1, 2008

39ccs of Record Breaker

I've been looking for a photo of this bike- a custom Victoria Record V38- ever since seeing it a book I have of vintage motorcycles. It's based on what was really a moped, possibly a version of this one:

I'm not quite sure if the bike in the ad is actually the 39cc V38 or the 60cc V48, but I think they're pretty much identical other than the displacement. The record bike replaces the fenders and other bits of trim with a one-off beaten aluminum streamlined body.

I think the bike was build to set a land speed record for small displacement mopeds and motorcycles, but I'm still looking for definitive information.


I got a great eMail from Melvyn Lewis, who shared this information:

"The Victoria engine was made in Germany in the early 1950s; the bike and engine in the advert was made in Germany in the late 1930's, and the engine is a Fichtel & Sachs 60cc Saxonette. Both types of engines could be fittes to a normal pedalcycle.

"The land speed record took place on the 12th of April 1951 the rider was George Dotterweich. The engine was modified using battery coil ignition and a 14mm Bing carb. I believe a speed was recored in excess of 70 kmh. The engine is a 38cc rotary valve two stroke with a 2 speed gear box.

"The 'Vicky' has a brother called 'The Fuchs' (The Fox). This was made in Austria also in the early 1950's. It was a 40cc rotary valve two stroke with a 2 speed gear box.

"I'm a 62 years young Englishman living in Holland for the last 32 years. I collect and ride bicycle engines that were made between 1900 to 1970; engine sizes range from 18cc to 60cc.

"I hope this info is ok."
It's more than okay- it's great. Thanks a million for your help.

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