Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Another TS50... or is it?

No sooner does Barry find his TS50 than another one shows up on Craigslist, this one for $525. But the details don't seem right.

The color is a bit of a puzzler. The styling puts it at before 1979, when the look was modernized to more of a contemporary look, and the upswept pipe says it's a 74 or earlier, but after that identification gets more difficult. The style of the stripe on the tank and other details suggest it's a 71, but all the brochures show only yellow bikes that year.

And there's a bigger problem: The pipe is on the wrong side, and is routed over the engine rather than under. Engine is pretty small, but it looks a little bigger than the TS90 engine photos I've found. I'm wondering if this may actually be a TS70. Still a fine bike, but 20cc over the limit for this blog.

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Motard said...

It's a 1970 AC50 "Maverick" I have one sitting in my yard here in Athens, GA and it only has 950 miles on it, stock everything and will cruise at 62 mph, great bike, but hard to find parts here in the States.