Monday, August 18, 2008

Suzuki TS50

Back when my friend Barry was a young teen, the bike he dreamed about was the Suzuki TS-50: A really sharp looking little bike boasting a 5hp rotary valve engine and an upswept exhaust finished in matte black that gave it the look of a real racing motorcycle. With a light rider these could hit 55-60mph.

It took him around 30 years, but he finally snagged one last weekend. It's in really great shape, too, with relatively low miles. I took it for spin up and down the block and I was surprised how hard that tiny engine pulls.

It's not surprising that so many riders are attached to the motorcycles and mopeds they started out with. In England, the Yamaha FS-1- or "Fizzie", as it's colloquially known there- has an almost cult-like following. I suspect Suzuki TS-50 fans are just as devoted to their bikes. My youthful dream bike is my 1974 Honda CB125S- but this is a 50cc blog, so I guess I'll have to write about that one somewhere else.

(More on the TS-50 may be found here.)

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