Monday, June 23, 2008

Rare bird: MBK BMX Moped

Here's a moped they only made 24 of- and it wasn't for sale. These were specially made for members of the MBK championship BMX team. When? I'm not quite sure. I found this pic at MopedArmy, with a very brief blurb about it. Is that a Garelli engine, I wonder? Or maybe one of those Chinese clone add-on kits?

Here's another shot of what looks like the same bike, found at Flickr.


CacaBit said...

It was for sale:

Something like 200 were product, maybe one knows ^^

It's the MBK Crazy Bike.

fredo said...

It is a MBK (former Motobecane) product, well known french moped manufacturer.
It was "factory fitted" with a moped engine (type AV10, 50cc, 3.2HP, air colled, 3 ports inlet, 14mm carburator). The based bike was a frame make stronger by welding and tube dimensions.
Various people are mentionning the volume produced around 200 to 350 crazy bikes (1986 & 1987).
Two versions were available, a street legal one (lights, horn, ..) and an "off road" one more light.

hope it helps

michael edelman said...

Thanks for the corrections. I guess this was just a special version of a production bike, then.

Lorenzo said...

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