Thursday, October 4, 2007

Honda CL50 Benly

Yet another really neat 50cc motorcycle from Honda that never made it to the US, at least as far as I can tell. The CL50 Benly seems to have been made for the domestic and the European markets, as the presence of a four-speed gearbox meant that it wouldn't fall into the moped classification here. But in Europe, 50cc bikes with gearboxes are mopeds, and the traditional entry route into motorcycling for 14-16 year olds. The top speed of 50mph and the indestructable Honda 4 stroke engine meant that it was the perfect first entry level motorcycle for a generation of beginners overseas.

The pressed steel frames of that era were designed for low cost of manufacture, but they resulted in some awfully attractive bikes, too. There were both road and scrambler versions, just like the bigger bikes of the era, the scrambler differing only in having a raised exhaust and a skid plate. WIth a fuel consumption of 90Km/liter (211 mpg!) at 30kph, the four-stroke Honda easily outranged the two-stroke competition of the day; it would be pretty amazing today, too.


Dickdundee said...

Hi, I have recently bought one of these for restoration. These bikes seem to be quite rare and i am having trouble finding information on them.Do you know where I can find a PDF version or CD of the workshop manual and parts manual for it. Cheers Dick

Anonymous said...


I know a lot of the same Honda engines are used on several different bikes, Here is a manual I came across while searching for the Honda SS50E.


Anonymous said...

Yes Never made in the USA... it was made for the homemarket.