Monday, September 17, 2007

Yamaha C3

It's not the most stylish scooter out there, but I think the argument can be made that the Yamaha C3 is probably the technologically most advanced moped on the market right now. And it is pretty cool looking, especially if you're a fan of 1950s Cushman scooters. The C3 features a fuel injected, liquid cooled four-stroke engine that Yamaha says delivers an honest 117 mpg. My casual tests suggest that's a legitimate claim. The automatic transmission means anyone who can ride a bicycle will feel right at home on this 'ped.

For casual in town shopping it's hard to beat. Handling is great, the drum brakes are excellent, and it's do 40mph. Acceleration is good, even with a 200+ lb rider, and it can comfortably cruise at 35mph all day. There's enough cargo room for a six-pack and a personal pizza, but serious shopping will require a backpack.

This is a scooter crying out for accessorization. Yamaha offers a number of external racks that, curiously, the US distributer is not carrying- although I've found a Canadian dealer who will ship to the US. A windshield would also make a great addition, and although Yamaha doesn't offer one, JC Whitney has a number that will fit. With the windshield, accessory racks, and maybe a few more mirrors and reflectors, this would be a scooter any Mod would be proud to be seen in. Yamaha USA seems curiously reluctant to push this moped compared with the Japanese and European distributors. For the first year we only got two colors- blue and silver- with two more added this year, while European and Japanese owners can even buy separate body panels in multiple colors so they can mix and match.

Here's a good site for current and prospective C3 riders, including information on the accessories mentioned above:


theresa swanick said...

michael, can you give info on the canadian dealer who'll ship accessories?? thanks! said...

They have a windshield for the 07/08 models. Just ordered mine today.

Frosty TheBeerMan said...

I'd love to see a video of your C3. Today is June 11, 2008, and I just got back from a dealer in Montreal, and the Yamaha C3 ( Cube ) 2008 model is just under $2,600. I was pleasantly surprised with that that price.

There is only one sad thing about this scooter. It's a ONE seater. I have 2 kids, and I think it would be a bad choice to buy this model, and it is heart breaking, because I wanted a 4 stroke model. - They must be much much much more quiet than a 2-stroke scooter, and that's why I wanted one. I don't think the C3 comes in a 2-seat model :-(

Brian said...

Yamaha has the Windshield and rear rack available in the states now. I have the shield and it's nice. I found a site but I forgot where that sells more accessories for it. It's got a front rack, a replacement headlight (that makes it look really ugly, imo), replacement seat covers, and some other parts as well I can't remember.

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Editor said...

Hi all,
We have genuine Yamaha accessories for the C3 online. The rear rack is most popular, but it depends what you like really. A windshield keeps the wind off your chest. It's a fun machine.

Ron said...

I've driven many mopeds.
My C3 is the most stable riding
moped I've ever driven.