Sunday, September 9, 2007

The Honda MB5

The MB5 was sold as a moped in Great Britain and most of the world, where its sharp styling and performance potential made it a step up from the typical mopeds. In the US, its 5-speed transmission made it a motorcycle in most states so it didn't have quite the built-in market of 15 and 16 year olds without licences. The stock, restricted model wasn't any faster than the one-speed bikes, but a lot of young owners learned how to derestrict the engine, or replace the cylinder and head with larger (typically 70 or 80cc) versions, producing some pretty hot bikes.

Despite the relative rarity of this bike in the US- it was only imported for one year, in 1982- prices for MB5s are still pretty reasonable, ranging from $500-700 for a good runner. Parts and tuneup supplies are plentiful, and there are a lot of enthuisiast web sites out there. Check out the Wikipedia page for more details and links:

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