Sunday, September 16, 2007

British 50cc Enduro Racing!

So you've got a nice 50cc bikes or scooter; wouldn't it be neat if you could race it? Well, if you're a resident of Great Britain, or perhaps a Chunnel drive or ferry ride away, you can compete in British 50cc Enduro Racing! For the last 32 years, the fun-loving lunatics of British 50cc Racing have been putting on races for 50cc two-wheeled vehicles, with classes that encompass everything from old Solexes to highly tuned racing motorcycles. (Click here for their page). How can you help but love a race described as "100 nutters leaping on to various machines, setting off only to pile into each other at any and every opportunity."? If you think a six-hour race on screaming 2-stroke engines- with a chaotic LeMans start- sounds like fun, check these guys out.

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