Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Suzuki PV 50cc

The 50cc Suzuki PV was Suzuki's attempt to clone the very successful Honda "Monkey" bike, officially known as the Z-series. The Z-bikes were (and are) four strokes, of course, and the  PV was a two stroke, but they're rough comparable in size and power. The PV was introduced in 1979 and a great many were made, though I don't think any were officially imported into the US.

Today there are a ton of Chinese made clones of the Honda available, and I think the Honda itself continues to be marketed at home  but the PV has been done since 2000, as it couldn't meet European pollution standards. But a lot were sold before then, and it still has a big following- for instance, this Finnish PV fan site. Thanks to Google Translate you can learn how one father and son team is restoring their PV to Concours d'Elegance condition.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Mystery Moped

I spotted the interesting moped in Ann Arbor yesterday. It didn't look like any moped I'd ever seen before; in fact, it looked very new, especially with that big disc brake up front.  But who makes traditionally styled mopeds today? 

I couldn't find a manufacturers plate or decal on it in the time I had. I thought it might be a Tomos, but I haven't seen any Tomos mopeds that look quite like this. Someone out there probably knows what it is.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A New Batch of Classic Mopeds at 1977 Mopeds

There aren't many classic style mopeds being made anymore; with a very few exceptions, all you see are CVT scooters.  Some of us think a real moped has to look like the 2-speed Sachs Prima seen above.

But 1977 Mopeds always manages to find a batch of bikes from the golden age of mopeds to restore and sell. Here's the latest batch.