Friday, April 4, 2014

A Yamaha from Germany: The Sting

Yamaha never actually imported this moped into to the US, but at least one owner did, and 1977 Mopeds has one for sale. The basic bike is a rare 50cc "dirt ped" designed for on and off-road use. It came with a 50cc engine and a 2-speed automatic transmission, but this one's been customized by 1977 Mopeds and also features a Gianelli exhaust, 60cc kit, and high compression head.

They're asking $1299 shipped- you can see it here.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Another custom Honda Ruckus

The Honda Ruckus is a natural platform for customization. There are a lot of bolt-on parts available for it, but that's not enough for some builders- like the guys who produced this stretched "Bagger" Ruckus seen at Air Society. Check out all the photos and the story here.

Honda PA50III Super Honda Raffle at 1977 Mopeds

1977 Mopeds is raffling off this incredibly cool customized Honda PA50III in November. More here.